Benami Transaction Advisory in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Benami transaction advisory is given by dhiren shah that benami transaction where the property is held by one person and amount for it is provided by another means the property is held for the benefits direct or indirect the person paying amount. Under the act an authority to Benami transaction was established by the rules regarding it like

  • Initiating officer
  • Approving authority
  • Administrator
  • Adjudicating authority

Benami Property Transaction Advisory Firm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Based on an order to confiscate the benami property the administrator will receive and manage property in that manner and that is prescribed to a condition. Further if the transaction is not proper then an assistant or deputy income tax commissioner designated as by the government will be authorised to start processes in to an benami transaction. The officer will refer the case to a will be set up the authority will decide within a year that the property is benami or not. All the legal guidance will be given by the dhiren shah about the benami transaction the entire document will be given in the proper and proof able manner.